War (Ukraine/Russia)

  1. Coolcat
    lonelypromise11 / Jun 29 2022 22.16

    Hi i am really scared about the war because I am scared of having to evacuate or leave all ive known behind and that is my worst fear. Also i am really scared when i see youtube clips of the blitz and stuff in london when they do the air raid sirens it scares me so much. I really don't want to die or my family to die and I cant even sleep or think properly its terrifying me :(

  2. Comic
    PositiveHockeyStar1313 / Jul 01 2022 0.50

    Hi there,

    I’m guessing you’re from Ukraine, is that right? And you’re scared about leaving your country?

    I‘m so sorry to hear that Maybe you should tell your family how you feel

    If you’re evacuating to England, let me know. I can tell you some useful things about England so its not so confusing and scary I’ve lived here since the day I was born!

    P.S: If you are Ukranian, well done, you’ve written your email perfectly in english!

    Hope you stay safe,



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