Chest dysphoria is a b*tch again... (Swearing)

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    Genby-Socks / Jun 12 2022 10.59

    I am wearing hoodies in the summer. Yes the FUCKING SUMMER. The only hoodies I have either show my chest a bit/fits “well“ (My mum says they are big or they fit fine, Im still kinda closeted), or they are lost. The only hoodie i like atm is a school hoodie in the wash. And i would love a binder, but im scared i will struggle to put it on. And O havent asked for one yet.

    I cant go clothes shopping until next weekend, its so much fun being genderfluid...

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    SplendidBakingDeer9314 / Jul 15 2022 17.44

    Hey! I'm not genderfluid but I am a trans man so i understand the chest dysphoria, its SUCH a b*tch honestly, especially in summer, what i did before being able to have a binder was i used to buy sports bras, I used to get them so they were a fraction smaller than what was meant to fit because then you get some actual compression, i will say though, keep the receipt because if you wear it when you get home and it hurts your back or chest area after around 30 mins, then its not safe to wear, but if youre able to find a brand that works really well then it can act as a perfect pre-cursor while waiting on a binder. I dont know if thats any help, but always here for a rant if you need to get it out, it does get better btw, theres no way of telling when but it does get better eventually


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