Post holiday blues

  1. Fixer
    VibrantRollingPuma5502 / Jun 08 2022 19.36

    i have just come back from turkey and have post vacation blues which sounds stupid but i have all the symptoms i dont feel hungry im stressed out and cry everytime i think about my holiday im overtired and upset. i dont want to be in school i want to be out exploring the world. this trip has made me realise theres so much more to the world than just the uk. ive met some amazing people with some amazing stories and nothing else matteres i just want to be back in that hotel in turkey. i made such good bonds with all the hotel staff there and i guess im scared in a way that im going to go back in say 4-5 years time when im older and its all changed i want to be there now. i dont want to sit and do exams i have no motivation obviously i want to do well in life for my family but i can’t concentrate anymore i just want money and i want to be able to have independnce. nobody understands me and just thinks its stupid and is telling me itsjust a hotel but its more than a hotel. its home and i miss it so much and genrally fell in love with it its amazing. the people, the staff, the town everything. but if i go back in so many years i know its not going to be the same and people who worked there will have left and i cant go about my day to day life because all i can think is turkey. i just feel so emotional and hurt like theres a hole in my chest and part of me is missing like im never going to be fully happy again and i dont know why when its just a hotel and it shouldnt be that big of a deal but i just need to go back

  2. Outcast
    LonelyUniverse579 / Jun 10 2022 10.25

    hey, i’m really sorry it sounds like it’s all been very tough for you, no it doesn’t sound stupid at all, it’s completely understandable you’re feeling this way and it sounds like a lot has happened lately and especially with it being hard, things changing can affect a person and affects people in different ways. it’s understandable you feel like you have something missing after spending time in turkey and meeting new people you’re worried you’ll never see again, it’s natural to feel this way and it’s great you got the chance to have that experience but must be really hard how leaving has affected you so much. lots happens and changes and evolves in life, it can be really tough but sometimes it’s healthier to just accept it, but that can take a lot and it’s not like there’s no point anymore, although it can feel that way, there’s still hope and possibly someday when you do go back there is a chance you’ll see them again. but either way, it’s okay to feel how you feel. although it feels the complete opposite of okay at times or even all the time at the moment, however you feel and how things affect you does matter and is always valid. but eventually it will get easier to cope with, it’s hard right now and may take a while but it will improve and whatever happens you don’t have to face it all alone, there’s always childline and the message boards so even though it may feel so isolating, there’s still people out there who genuinely care to listen and try to support you, we’re all here for you! and this is a safe space. i get this probably doesn’t make much of a difference but hopefully it at least helps you feel a little less alone in some way, i really hope you at least able to cooe and that it all gets so much easier for you soon as possible, please stay safe


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