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    WarmThinkingGoat8375 / May 26 2022 23.13

    I lost my dad to cancer and a massive part of me has changed my behaviour has increased inside and outside of school and my mental health has really risen I hate to say this and makes me feel guilty but I prefer my dad over my mum. Me and my mum don't get along as we are so different and I've never felt more alone then now

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    CalmJumpingFalcon6961 / Jun 23 2022 21.50

    this is so hard for you. sorry for your loss. i think that when someone big in your life has been removed from your daily living it makes you feel lonely and scared and just really sad. do you have anything to remember your dad by. maybe a tshirt or something? maybe you could wear that to bed. losing your dad must be extremely difficult as he is such a key roll in your life to raising you. death is a normal part of life and its something thats really hard to accept and to move on from. and it sounds like yiu and your dad were really close. some days will be worse than others but you have to remember that your dad still loves you. the loss of your dad will have impacted many other people in your life to such as otber family members. maybe you can talk about how you feel with one of them and find ways to cope together. keep yourself safe and try and think of happy memories with your dad whenever you feel sad about whats happened. stay safe.


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