How do I ask if someone is single?

  1. Sheep
    ThePenSystem / May 17 2022 21.21

    so, theres this girl I've liked for a long time. i was looking at prom dresses today and realised I'd love to take her to prom next year, but im not sure whether she already has a girlfriend or not.

    she moved to the uk from italy about 2 years ago and there's a girl from Italy she posts alot about on her story, and one of the photos has her kissing the girl on the cheek in it, but thats it, ONE PHOTO and the rest are just normal selfies.

    i know a kiss seems an obvious sign of being in a relationship, but in Italy thats a super common greeting to show affection between people you know super well like family and best friends. theres also photos of her kissing her family members in the same way at a birthday party, so its hard to tell to be honest.

    she also tagged the girl in a poem about best friends. so i have NO IDEA whats going on!

    we have a really good friendship and i don't want to make it awkward by asking her out without knowing if she even has a chance of saying yes.

    how do i somehow establish whether she's single or not, without making it awkward and just coming straight out with "do you have a girlfriend?"

    (im in year 10 and im Genderfluid but mainly align with female)


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