Relationship Updates I guess

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    Copper-Dragon / May 16 2022 20.49

    so I seem to have quite a few threads about my relationships so if you recognize me that wouldn't be that much of a suprise.

    but basically this is an update on my relationships rn because I don't really have anyone to talk to irl so I'll tell a random bunch of internet people lol ^^

    (all people will be reduced to a single letter)

    I was getting close with a guy called A and we'd been talking to each other for a few months, he was in sixth form (17 when we started talking then turned 18 after like a couple of weeks) (i'm 16) I told him I liked him and he was supportive and said he'd carry on being the best friend he could be fast forward like two months and I find he's blocked me on snapchat and insta which was a shock but also probably my fault for being too clingy and talking/venting to him too much (which I am trying to work on ) I haven't spoken too him since seeing as we don't really see each other in school due to being in different years, maybe one day I'll talk to him about it just too find out why? but it really hurt for like a lesson and then I was back to normal so I guess maybe it was a good thing (although recently I have been repressing emotions so it'll probably all come out at once but thats another problem)

    last thursday I was making a joke with L about adding S on snapchat because S is a football lad and very teenage boy? I guess? loud in lesson kinda a bully but not like really really bad (he did make a nickname for me last year due to my name change which didn't actually make sense and he seemed taken aback when I confronted him about it but he does seem rather nice, and today I found he added me back (after like a week lol) and we spoke for a bit and he seemed sweet. He's probably straight so nothing will come of it but it's kinda nice to not be.. /1

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    Copper-Dragon / May 16 2022 20.57

    (sorry it was too long lol)

    but its kinda nice to be really anxious about talking to him like I was with A (i was at the point where I would get an anxiety attack everytime I had to speak with him in person, which was not healthy and the only reason I was friends with him was because he was cute and I liked him. and he was kinda a cool guy up until recently but I don't see him as a bad person he just could have talked to me about it)

    idk what will happen with S because he seems really nice and cool and i'm not stressed when I talk to him or being afraid of saying smth wrong (well theres still the usual amount of that lol) I guess we will wait and see :)

    if you read this thanks! seeing as I have little to none people to talk about this sorta stuff irl it's nice to know I can come here and maybe someone will be a little interested in my kinda boring life

    -K (they/he)


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