1. Outcast
    Pickle144 / May 16 2022 15.33

    Recently I lost my Nanna due to cancer and I feel really sad. No matter what fun things I do I just can't get absorbed into the fun things I am doing. If someone could help me that would be great.


    Pops :)

  2. Flower
    14Butterfly13 / May 19 2022 22.48

    hi pops!

    i lost my mum 3 years ago to cancer and i felt like that too. it might sound cliché but it really does get better with time. id just say to not supress your feelings and let yourself grieve. hope you feel better soon :)


  3. Outcast
    Pickle144 / May 20 2022 8.14

    Thank you!

    Sorry about the loss of your mum



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