i cant sleep

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    BusySkatingDuck8753 / May 04 2022 0.09

    i cant sleep school is so draining i raeally cant do this anymore im in trouble evereday at school sometimes suspened but if im honest school is the only place i get sleep normally i get about 3 to 2 hours sleep its either i just cant ssleep but recenty i fully cant sleep when i close m eyes scarey imagges show up like really scary for me i cant do this anymore i hate my life its so draining i just need help i have anger problems to but the school just think its normal anger i need help i cant take it anymore help me

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    Pickle144 / May 16 2022 16.15

    Hi! I have also been struggling to sleep and struggling with anger problems as well. Not getting enough sleep is tough and so is having anger problems. Have you tried talking to anyone about your anger to anyone? For the lack of sleep, try going to bed slightly earlier than usual, maybe have a nice, warm bath to relax. For the scary images, they are only pretend and if they are really scary, imagine kicking them hard where the sun don't shine

    I hope this has helped,



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