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  1. Fixer
    CerealKiller / May 03 2022 19.49

    TW - suicide and self harm

    So I went on a 1-2-1 chat for advice and then I was told that Childline doesn't give advice. It says on Childline's website 'get help and advice about a wide range of issues' and on the NSPCC's 'Childline is a free service for children and young people - here whenever they need support or advice'.

    I was just asked to tell the counsellor how I felt about the situation when all I wanted was some advice on how to cope with suicidal feelings and self harm.

    It's not the fact that they didn't give me any advice I'm upset about, it's the fact that f*cking say that they give advice that annoys me, what's the point in saying that if it's not true?

    I'm sorry, I'm just really f*cking upset rn

    - Alex

  2. Fixer
    CerealKiller / May 03 2022 20.33

    TW- suicide

    Okay, I'm sorry I'm going on so much, but if I'm saying I want to unsubscribe from life, why do the counsellors say 'how does it make you feel?' or 'can you talk about that more?', it doesn't help at all.

    - Alex


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