God and death

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    PurpleDoggies1234 / May 02 2022 10.28

    Sorry if this is offensive to people of religions, I completely respect your veiws.


    Yesterday i went to Church (i am in a christian family but not Christian) I was helping with the little ones when one told me her name was Etty. I said hi and asked her who she played with with her dragon (she was holding a toy drangon) and she said, “Mummy. I had a baby sister called Elise but she died.” She said it quite matter-of-factly. It broke my heart to learn that a 4 year old had a younger sister who died. How can that family still believe in God? How can any god let so many people die? It‘s not fair.

    A couple weeks ago a similar thing happened. A lady had just had a baby and was talking about him in Church to the whole group. It turns out that before she got pregnant, her oldest daughter died! It is so sad, the baby will never meet his older sister and she will never meet him. How can you still believe and like a god if that god let your daughter die? I don’t understand.

    It makes me cry. And over the last few years murders of innocents have been happening lots (George Floyd, Sarah Everade) sorry, i think i spelled their names wrong. Covid has killed lots in the past two years. Fatal Traffic accidents are on the rise - mum’s friend was killed in one 3 months ago and my half-uncle died in on several years ago. And now with the war in Ukraine, thousands of people are dieing fighting, on both sides. How can you cope with death? How can you still think your God is great? Or is death out of the gods control?

    Genuine question: Who do you think lets/causes death to happen?

    I just want to cry. I wish that murders did not happen, people knew when they were going to die and they would then come back to earth - with their past life’s memories and knowledge. It is not fair.



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    BusyWalkingLynx3929 / May 03 2022 19.48

    I am not religious, but perhaps religious people think that people who have passed away are alright in an afterlife?


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