i cant cope with life anymore

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    kyokakarma13456 / Apr 30 2022 12.31

    hi im izzy (she/he/they), AFAB and im 13. also i present myself as a girl and still wear a girls uniform.

    yesterday i was kinda sexually harrased by a guy in my class at school. right before i went outside for break he hit me in a place i wasnt comfortable with and ran away with his friend laughing. i didnt ever expect him to do something like that because he used to be a really nice person. i found it really hard to tell my friends and it took me two hours to but in the end i told my closest best friend and my girlfriend. they got really mad at him and shouted at him and called him a perv. but later that day in period 5 somehow half the class found out and started talking about it. all the gurls just looked at me with pity and asked if i was okay, and even though they were trying to be nice, it really upset me. i didnt want everyone to make a big deal out of it and then they all knew. ive always struggled with my self confidence and i never really fit in with anyone. i dont like big social groups, so i didnt like being talked about in front of my face. later that lesson i found out that he hit me because his friend bet him £10 to do it. ive struggled with anxiety and im almost 100% sure i have depression as well. i dont cut myself, but i struggle with controlling my anger and emotions so sometimes i punch walls. a lot of people in my class know this and have me labelled as the 'angry bisexual emo weirdo'. that day at school was already really bad. and when i got home my parents told me they were separating. i already thought they would, but i never really expected it to actually happen. yesterday was probably the worst day of my life, and i cant escape anything at the moment. i dont know how to deal with my emotions, and i feel so overwhelmed. i cant get away from it.


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