Hello everyone

  1. Bookworm
    Youarebeautifulandperfect / Apr 25 2022 18.11

    Hi all!

    my name is Elizabeth and i am going to be 16 in May. Exciting! I have just joined as my school only just told us about it. I am here to check it out and hopefully find some advice.

    My gender is female and i like girls and boys. I love the colour purple and i love dogs and pizza and chocolat. I am a vegetarian.

    I mostly live with my step-mum (she’s not horrible, she’s lovely), dad, older-half brother and wonderful dog Stella. Sometimes i live with my mum and her boyfriend just moved in. My twin sister moves around with me though we don’t go to the same school.

    Hopefully see all of you in the message boards!

    Elizabeth (she/her)

  2. Fixer
    Icepopsxoxo / May 10 2022 18.05

    Hi Elizabeth

    im Lily im 16 and I like spending time online.

    i like pizza too. i also like kfc and McDonald's.

    A twin sister sounds so cool!


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