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  1. Burying
    FloatingFish / Apr 24 2022 16.18

    Hello! I recently found out that you can make introductions here.. so here I am.

    My name is Elliot.

    I am 13 years old and a transgender male (I'm not hetrosexual but my sexuality is sorta hard to explain so I''l just say I'm omnisexual).

    I have very very very big interests in minerals (and crystals), video games, music, books and manga. I especially love murder mystery books such as "This Lie Will Kill You", "Truly Devious" and 2A Good Girl's Guide To Murder". Any sort of plushies make me incredibly happy (if they have the right texture), especially Squishmallows.

    I don't really know my favourite colour but light blue is really nice to me!

  2. Reaching out
    Childline-Host / May 31 2022 10.14

    Hello Elliot

    A very big warm welcome to you!

    It's great to hear all about you and we hope that you can talk about all of this more as you go around the boards! We love hearing all about your interests and we hope it can inspire others to find new interests too!

    We also love the colour light blue, as that's the colour of our Childline logo

    See you around


  3. Scientist
    MilesLovesCaprisun / Jun 21 2022 19.47

    Hey there, Elliot!

    I’m Miles and- wow we are pretty similar! I’m 13, transgender and also have really similar interests to you! :) Although I’m not sure of my sexuality, I think I am on tho aroace spectrum (which means I experience VERY little romantic or sexual attraction, or none! aroace is a sprectrum. :])

    It’s great to meet you!


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