Sexually harassed since 9

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    ElegantJumpingGoose5716 / Apr 20 2022 22.30

    He was my my mums boyfriends son.

    note: my mum and his dad split when i was 13, i have no contact with him. Only my sister knows, a part, of my story. I’m telling this as a now 15 year old.

    He was 3/4 years older than me. I had already sensed a weird feeling when being around him, as if he was watching me, checking me out i guess. this was at the age of 9! I dont remeber much but i clearly remember a time when we were both stood either side of his bedroom door, him asking me if i could have sex with him. out of fear of him getting angry at me i said “maybe when im double digits”..10. time goes by and i was constantly on edge. I remember bringing in the shopping and seeing him trying to catch up with me with his bags. i walked fast towards the room i was sleeping in, which is right next to his, seeing him getting closer behind me. however, he caught up with me in the hallway where no one could see and touched my behind. it only made me feel that I couldn’t escape this. another time, when i was 11/12, he asked to speak with me one night. he said he would wake me up at 5am and couldnt tell me there. i was confused as no one was around to hear it anyway. he brought me into his room 5am the next morning, he asked me to have sex with him again. like before, i said maybe later. i always felt like i couldnt tell anyone about this as my mum isnt always a person i can speak too, which is why she doesnt know to this day. i feel as if she would look at me different or not know what to say and the whole thing would be awkward. i am quite lucky in a way it hasnt affected me too much. it has meant that i have never had male friends and get nervous speaking to any male but im okay. im sharing this so some can relate and hopefully not feel so alone.


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