TW dissociation - I will never believe them

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. Flying
    Thewaythewavesreverberate / Apr 14 2022 14.22

    i will never believe them

    my hands infront of my star-swept eyes

    a thousand years from grasp

    i step to the light to bribe it closer

    yet it cowers

    i will never believe them

    sunblessed polish chips on my fingernails

    i repaint and rebuild

    for the reminder of hope

    it chips once again

    i will never believe them

    when they say this was fate

    i will never believe them

    when they say they want best for me

    they want me in this room

    they dont want me to leave

    so cold in here



    let me out

    (not a huge fan of this but the concept is there haha)

  2. Outcast
    LonelyUniverse579 / Apr 14 2022 18.52

    hey, this poem is actually quite good. im so sorry it sounds like youve been going through a lot, i hope youre okay and that it all get so much better for you as soon as possible, no matter how tough it gets though things can and will always get easier eventually so even if it at times it just feels like youre holding on thats strength in itself and every second is worth living even if it feels like youre just existing it wont always be this way the world wont always feel so upside down youre never alone even when it feels like you are and there are always people who love you and believe in you even if youre not one of those people yet. you really do deserve to feel good and happy and enjoy your life and one day you will things will improve even if that feels impossible it will get so much easier to cope with even if it takes a while so please keep going keep holding on youre already doing so well even if you dont believe any of this yet its still true. it can really help to express how you feel whether thats by talking about it or through art and music, whatever feels right for you. i really hope you feeling at least okay at the moment and that it all gets a lot better for you as soon as it possibly can, please stay safe


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