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    LuckySingingRaven3594 / Apr 09 2022 23.50


    i find it difficult to sleep and often stay awake for ages as i just cant fall alseep.

    at night my brain is busy and i have loads of thoughts that can be overwhelming. i often feel the need to get up and do something and be productive or i have no energy to do anything. ive been struggling with this for months and i really need some advice. i have tried reading or playing games that are supposed to distract my brain but most of the time i end up getting distracted more.

    my lack of sleep leaves me exhausted during the day with no energy to socialise or do things i love. i tend to loose my appetite or feel sick.

    i really need some help so if anyone has any advice to give i would really really appreciate it

    thank you

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    PurpleDoggies1234 / Apr 16 2022 7.38


    have you a soft blanket/teddy/snugglie? I know you might think you are too old, but give it a try.

    I imagine a nice, calm story.

    I always listen to a podcast on BBC sounds to help me get to sleep.

    Then say goodnight to each part of your bod and stop them from moving.

    I don’t know why but if i blink fast then slower, my eyes close and i feel calm.

    My friend sprays nice scented things on her pillow. she has good sleep.

    Maybe you need to change the amount of light in your room, the amount of noise, or the temperature?

    I used to only get to sleep after about two hoirs. This has made it better but i still struggle.

    I hope you have a good night’s sleep,


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    LuckySingingRaven3594 / Apr 18 2022 22.13

    thank you so much for your response i apprectiate it lots and lots :)

    that is incredible advice

    blankets and teddys feel like a wonderful idea, usually i sleep with loads of blankets which i love

    i think listening to something like podcasts would help but unfortunatley i live in a busy house and wouldnt want to wake up my family

    i usally have one small light on in my room which doesnt strain my eyes and also doesnt leave the room too dark which is perfect

    i think i might actually try using smells, i heard lavender is wonderful for sleep or maybe essential oils

    thank you so much for your help :D

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    PurpleDoggies1234 / Apr 19 2022 7.00

    No proble, :)


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