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    PoliteRunningFrog6387 / Apr 06 2022 23.47

    im 12 and ive been added to group chats by this one person/or been told by someone to add me for no reason and me and this person have a on and off relationship with being best friends to abso hating each other and when she does hate me she gets other people to say that ive bee spreading rumours about me when i havent and there was one time she got a person to nearly jump me for no reason and on the group chats shes been calling me a [email protected] and other horrible names and theres only a few people that care ive not told my mum because i know she wont care what me and her say to each other so jve been keeping it to myself for months and ive been crying every night because of it and ive been thinking about suc*de a lot now how it would just make things better and it will never go away so ive came here for help

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    Tebbie / Apr 16 2022 21.57


    this 'friend' of yours does not sound like a good person. if she spreads rumours about you that aren't true, calls you awful names and even try to get someone to jump you i would definitely consider dropping her. block her and stop speaking to her and hanging out with her. do you have any other friends or family you could turn to? if you talk to someone else about the issue it could help. try explaining just how bad things are to your mum. show her the messages if you have them and especially talk to her about your thoughts of sucide. i can promise you that sucide is not the right option. i know it might feel like it's the best way out but i cannot stress this enough-it's really not good.

    sorry i've been a bit brutal here, but i really want to help. the situation you're in sounds horrible and very tough and i so, so hope that things get better for you and that people start to care a little more.

    hope this helped!



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