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    CarefulMarchingJaguar7604 / Apr 05 2022 23.34


    I was wondering whether anyone had any tips on how to sleep, or how they cope without sleep?

    I am constantly tired and I feel it, but for some reason I can never manage to sleep. My phone is downstairs, my laptop is off at 9:30 (right now excluded) and my lights are off, I read before bed as i find it relaxing too. I've tried so many things (chamomile tea and a bunch of other herbal teas, a certain schedule, no daytime naps, and a ton of other stuff that's been recommended) but nothing seems to work.

    On a good night, i get to sleep or start switching off around 12ish and only wake up a couple of times, usually i get to sleep around 2 to 3 in the morning and fully wake quite a bit, not being able to sleep for a while afterwards. In extreme cases (has only happened once or twice), i just don't sleep.

    I have had the advice from parents that i should just close my eyes try to sleep but for some reason i just can't, so i was wondering how other people dealt with this, whether it's coffee in the mornings or something to help with sleep. it would be really appreciated.

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    CarefulVibingLlama3767 / Apr 23 2022 16.42

    I suffer from the same thing , i have a few things that only some times but atleast it can help it might not work for you but at least you can try:

    1. Try stressing your self out for a few minutes before bed that way ylu will be exhausted before bed. This might be a bad idea for some people but mabye try in lottle bits first jusy in case it doesnt work.

    2. Read perhaps a book or stare at a wall this can make you very tired or ypur eyes feel heavy. I hope this helped.😊


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