When I was 9

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  1. Contemplator
    Flying-Lion / Apr 04 2022 19.27

    When I was 9, there was this one time when I was in my bedroom and I was trying my hardest to sleep because I was tired. My older 14 year old sister came in the room. She entered my room and started to touch my penis. I didnt like it so I told her to stop. I was really tired so I couldn’t really resist. She made sexual comments on my underwear. I didnt really like that. I felt numb after that. My penis was getting bigger and I peed myself. She then left the room and she was laughing.

    I dont really know what to do but I writing this to make myself feel better.

  2. Dreamer
    Happysmiles24 / May 01 2022 2.22

    im so sorry that happened to you and I’m not sure you peed yourself i think you may have ejaculated if you know what that is i think you should tell someone if you feel able to do so because that is sexual abuse/assault and she could be doing it to ot people

    stay safe



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