Day sleeping?

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    wherethewildthingsare / Apr 02 2022 22.22

    I don’t exactly know when, but I‘ve been randomly hit with this feeling to just fall into sleep randomly in the daytime. Not only is it a problem when I’m trying to stay focused in lesson but also when I’m just up during the weekend trying to finish a project or study. Admitedly, I am quite the night owl but, heck, even during my periods of good sleeping routines I just can’t fight the urge to sleep during the day. And even when I decide to take that craving for sleep, I still wake up tired. Day in and day out I’m constantly fatigued. I always get the “Are you okay? You look tired” spiel. I’ve tried to do some research on it but I don’t think an online diagnosis would cure much of my sleepiness. It’s super furiating because it’s slowly impacting my grades in school as my productivity and cognition in lessons are slipping.

    Curious if anybody else has this issue


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