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    LonelyUniverse579 / Mar 31 2022 7.50

    TW - mentions low mood, anxiety/stress, sense of losing hope

    falling isnt the best feeling, cant lie

    it drowns you in your past present and future, without warning

    they reach in your mind, stir up everything inside and manipulate what they can, the voices

    tell you to hide, feed you lies, just to make you feel sorry

    before you can fight it, the cold sea of darkness clawing its way deep within

    the drumming beat of your heart doesnt know when to stop

    you breath fast and shallow

    and its hard not to start running away from it all

    leaving you praralysed in this dream-like state

    your mind tends to wonder but not like this

    when your thoughts dont accept you and your feelings are buried

    deep down where no one can find them

    you hope against hope that this next day

    doesnt end that way

    to anyone who can relate to this poem, im sorry youre having a hard time, things can and will get better even if improving seems impossible right now, it can take a while and its challenging but its worth at least trying and you can do it even when you doubt yourself, there are others who always believe in you, i believe in you

    please stay safe :)


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