What is Trans and Non Binary?

  1. Football
    CarefulDrawingRaven5241 / Mar 27 2022 20.15

    Guys I hope you don't mind me asking but I am a boy and I have recently been wondering what Trans and Non Binary is? I hope you don't mind me asking.

  2. Mouse
    thesussyestofbakas09 / Mar 28 2022 18.54

    Being trans is when you aren't the gender you were born as. Non binary or enby is when you are naither a boy or a girl,

    hope this helps

  3. Football
    CarefulDrawingRaven5241 / Mar 28 2022 21.19

    What do you mean 'you aren't the gender you are born as'

  4. Mouse
    thesussyestofbakas09 / Mar 30 2022 19.36

    ah sorry for using confusing language. I mean when you are born doctors say whether you are a boy or a girl based on your body type. Some people are actually not that gender but another one. for me I have a female body but am actually a guy and I prefer he/him and a different name as to my birth name, I'm very lucky to have parents who accept me most of the time. sorry it is a bit hard to put into words lol but i hope this helps you understand what I meant


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