birth control? dysphoria?

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    I-Like-Books-And-Musicals / Mar 25 2022 21.13


    i am a 13 year old trans man, i go by lemon or lemon boy online :)

    ive always felt some sense of dysphoria, even when i didnt know i was trans i knew there was something not right, but lately its being getting a lot worse.

    mainly because of puberty i guess, i started my period nearly two years ago and it makes me feel really really bad. i struggle a lot with mental health so its always hard to get out of bed, but especially on my period. i know this is common for anyone, trans or not, on their period but it sucks.

    im out to my mum and shes accepting, so weve spoken about the option of birth control a few times but never considered it in depth.

    i know not all birth control stops your period and there are some side affects, but ive looked into it and i think it would be a good thing.

    the only thing im really concerned about is the appointment before - mainly them taking blood.i have a extremely bad phobia of needles, to the extent i had to stop writing for a minute because i was crying. i dont know if theres any way they cant not take my blood, but the idea terrifyis me.

    thanks :)

    - lemon boy (he/him)


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