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    GalaxyAstrx / Mar 20 2022 21.47

    Ok so long story short, when I was 7 i went to a sleepover at my friends house lets call her zoe and my other friend katie came aswell. Back then it was a big thing to do 24 hour challenges on youtube and stuff so planned to do a video at 3am and failed obviously so we did it the next day. We did a video and it had us doing piggy backs and other stunts like that. I pulled silly faces and im worried someone i know will find it and screenshot it. I wasnt allowed to post on youtube at that age so if i told my parents theyd be mad and I cant think of someone who wouldnt tell my parents. I dont want this video online anymore and its easy to find because the channel was katie and her last name. I worry about this a lot. Like all day. Ive emailed childline and they said i should report it but I dont know how to upload the time stamps so can someone help me report it, tell me if theyve experienced something similar, think of other things i could get the video banned for or something because i need this video removed asap. Thanks a lot x


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