is this normal lmao

  1. Spiralling
    SuperTurningRaven5078 / Mar 14 2022 17.50


    how long does it usually take to fall asleep? bc ever since i was younger it's always taken me ages. i'm nearly 14 now and i usually have lights out at 10pm or slightly earlier, but i never fall asleep until 11:45 or maybe 12.

    online it says that most people fall asleep 5 to 20 minutes after lights out - the last time i fell asleep in less than half an hour was probably when i was like 8

    can anyone tell me if this is normal? or any advice? whenever i use my phone after like 9 the brightness is always turned down and i have caffiene like once or twice a week, so i'm not sure what's causing this.

  2. Top dog
    PurpleDoggies1234 / Apr 16 2022 7.42


    I donkt think anyone usually gets to sleep in 5 minutes! i norma take like an hour or a bit more. It is so annoying! is there anything worrying you that could cause you to stay aw ake? if so, try to distract yourself. I always listen to the radio for half an hour.

    Hope this helps,



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