1. Coolcat
    A-SpiderWithBones / Mar 01 2022 17.25

    My thoughts and prayers go to those in Ukraine. I can’t even imagine how terrifying it is. I am here 100% if anybody ever needs to talk.

    My best wishes and hopes are for you all. I wish you can all leave the country or stay safe, if you remain.

    My prayers.

  2. Small
    -myaccount-10 / Apr 12 2022 21.33

    hey i have been worried alot i mean alot but i feel like im getting better i just want to say thanks for being there to talk

  3. Superstar
    CarefulVibingLlama3767 / Apr 16 2022 13.19

    Guys i am not in Ukraine or Ukrainian but i have recently been really quite worried by the war does anybody have advice.

  4. Heart
    MistyCookingBadger2620 / Apr 20 2022 20.35

    think happy thoughts

  5. Childline Avatar
    BusyWalkingLynx3929 / May 01 2022 17.23

    Things to do:

    1. Listen to music.

    2. Keep a diary.

    3. Do yoga/medetation.

    4. If the news is scaring you, try to avoid it.

    5. Look on apps such as Childline to see ways you can get involved with Ukraine if you wish.


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