dysphoria? I'm confused?

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    cloudYpuzzlE9513 / Feb 26 2022 22.29

    so i think im non binary and i go to a school thats an all (i dont feel comfortable saying what gender i was born as so ill just say boys/girls) boys/girls school, i also experienced puberty before alot of my friends so alot of the masculine/feminine featured developed early. and since i go to an all boys/girls school im constantly reminded of what i was born as and its very stressfull because of the hair and clothes and the way the teachers refer to us as boys/girls and things like that. ive always grown up dressing up as a "stereotypical boy/girl" and sometimes i feel more comfortable dressed like that but at other times i feel very meh. also the hair thing because i havent told my parents and sometimes i want people to look at me and not straight away think 'girl' or think 'boy'. at other times i want to look like a boy, sometimes i want to look like a girl. so ive been contemplating if im genderfluid? sometimes im more comfortable being referred to as 'he/him' or 'she/her' but i stick to 'they them' and ik you can be non binary with he him she her pronouns but what im trying to say is that sometimes i feel more fem than masc and vise versa, but the main point is, id rather look gender neutral and im not sure how to do that without outing myself. please help.


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