New here and i would like to start a chat!

  1. Loser
    Kur0iiSakura / Jan 24 2022 15.43

    Hey, I am Mahnoor, but i rather get called Elma or Elli, they are my real name and im 12 :))

  2. Top dog
    LivelyThinkingLynx1870 / Jan 24 2022 22.10

    Hi Elli

  3. Reaching out
    Childline-Host / Jan 25 2022 13.10

    Hi Elma /Elli

    Lovely to see you here on the boards, we hope you will feel very welcome

    You can start chatting here, but if there is anything in particular happening for you, you can post in the board that's most relevant. If you are not sure, there are lots of people to help find the right place

    I'm Mel, one of the hosts, hope to see you around the boards soon!

    Take care



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