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  1. Gamer
    Polar-bear- / Jan 16 2022 20.33

    hey guys!

    charlie here, so im writing a story (a dystopianbook set in a small village) i have a thread on it where ive posted some of what ive written so far. so basically ive had a rlly cool idea where i want to right a book where the starting line is the same as the ending line, but with different meanings. the lines gonna be “why is blood red?” what ive got so far:

    ”why is blood red?” i ask my mum. i was about 4 years old, and it was the earliesst memory i have of my childhood.

    “i dont know sweetheart” she said as she wiped at my bloody knee. i had fallen over when playing, and now that i look back it was the smallest graze, but 4 year old me thought it was the worst injury ever. “ow that hurts” i wince.

    “sorry honey, how did you even fall over?” she was obviously distracting me, but little me didnt need to know that.

    ”i was playing with sofia and i tripped and then my knee was bleeding at it really hurt!”

    so yeah thats all ive got but for the ending im gonna make either the girl or the mum die (i havent decided yet) and this is a rough idea of whats gonna happen:

    ”why is blood red mum?” i ask her, tears falling down my grubby face.

    “i dont know sweetheart” she says gripping onto my hand tightly. it felt as if she was going to cut of my blood supply. not that i would have any left that is. blood was pouring out of my stomach, drenching my shirt a deep red. i could tell i was going to die. i always wanted a peaceful death, old age, in my sleep. but a gunshot wound was not how i planned. i could feel it. my last breaths. i wanted to say so much in so little time. “ouch, that hurts” i say quietly. “i love you mum” i say with my last breath.

    thats how its gonna go if she dies but idk. im almost out of letters but idk wot 2 have 4 the actual story. any suggestions?

  2. Loser
    Filipino-twst-supremacy / Jan 17 2022 0.23

    Ray-it/him (may change)

    Nice plot twist of how he went from a cut knee from when he was younger to his life ending from a gun wound, both events linking to the important "Why is blood red?"


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