The world

  1. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Jan 15 2022 0.31

    Why does the world keep falling apart?

    Why must it it all of the time?

    Why am I trapped here

    in the first place?

    What did I do to be here

    in world filled with pain and suffering?

    What did I do

    to be here when the world is dying?

    No one improtant wants to do anything?

    All the ones who are in power

    are pretending like

    nothings going on.

    Why is that the case?

    Why must I be a part of the human race?

    Out of every species that’s a part of this world and beyond

    Why did I have to end up here?

    I’m depressed and anxious

    all of the time.

    None of it is my fault

    but here we are.

    I think about the future

    and all that I see

    is death and catastophes

    but we don’t do anything

    to stop this.

    All of the plants and animals are suffering

    at our hand.

    We have to protect or we’ll lose them as well.

    Why is it so hard for people to see

    the suffering we are causing.

    Why must we be so destructive?

    What did I do to be part of this world?

    Why couldn’t I be anywhere else.

    One where I could be myself

    and no one would judge me.

    One where I’d be free of all my trauma

    and suffering.

    Why do I have to stay?

    Why can’t I just go?

    It would make life so much easier

    but we can’t just dissapear.

    Why must I watch as our planet is slowly dying?

    Can’t people suck it up

    and actually do something?

    Looks like that‘s impossible.

    Guess I’ll have to wait.

    I guess I’ll just keep suffering.

    That’s what I do anyway.


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