The prologue to one of my stories

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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Jan 14 2022 22.12

    Hi y’all. I really wanted to write this, so I thought I’d share it.

    This is the prologue to my story called The Reborn, which is explained more on my thread “Stuff about my stories”. I talk about The Reborn on the second page, and at various points through the thread, and I also talk about my other stories on there.

    I hadn’t actually made the characters that this is talking about here until fairly recently, so I don’t really talk about them on that thread, but I plan on doing that soon.

    Anyway, enjoy!


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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Jan 14 2022 22.48

    Macy grinned, They’d found it. The ancient stone was engraved with pictures of myths. She turned to Jace. “I can’t beleive we found it.” He smirked.

    “Told you it was real.”

    ”Hey! I found the map!” She nudged his arm playfully. “You want to go in first?” She could see the excitement in his eyes, and she was sure she was feeling just as excited.

    “Absolutely!” He started to head inside. Macy followed, taking a moment to touch the worn stone. The carvings of the God’s like Anubis and Isis were so intricate, and somehow not completely rubbed away by the wind and sand. “You coming?” Jace called.

    “Yeah!” Macy went inside and flicked on her torch.

  3. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Jan 15 2022 23.22

    She had to watch her step. The stairs were slightly worn, although yet again they didn’t seem as damaged as what they’d been expecting. She shone her light on the walls, revealing paintings, each showing stories from a time long gone. The colours were remarakable. She paused. How was that the case? “Hey Jace? Have you seen these paintings?”

    ”Yeah! They’re amazing right!”

    ”But how have they lasted this long. It wasn’t exactky sealed very well.”

    “We can do an investigation later!” He carried on down into the darkness. Macy followed, continuing to look at the paintings. She noticed several figures she recognised, including Ra, Horus and Set, but there were several that didn’t seem like they should’ve been there. They looked so different to the people and gods that were represented. In an odd way they resembled dipictions of gods from other mythologies of the time like the Greek gods.

    The stairs eventually ended, and they entered a large chamber, with a huge door on the opposing side. The door was made of some sort of stone, dark grey and rough looking, and a golden handle hung off of it. Macy felt a chill as she walked in despite the heat from the desert outside. She turned once again to the walls. The paintings were so well preserved. She scanned them. They were definetky telling some sort of story, one long forgotten. Yet again figures were represented that looked similar to other gods from different regions. What even was this place? Then she looked at a painting with a giant snake. She couldn’t explain it, but it just looked evil.


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