Struggling with fragmented memories

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    Daffki / Jan 14 2022 3.11

    Just going to preposition this saying I am currently safe & away from these awful situation. If you or anyone else is experiencing this, please tell an adult as it really cant and wont get worse than it is at that moment. You can get help!

    Hey, so I was sexually abused by my father ages 2-15, touched by a man I’ll call V ages 8-11, abused by man C ages 9-10 (he’s in prison now 18yr sentence), groomed, assulted and harrassed by countless other people.

    I do not have a full recolection of most of these things as I suppose that part of my trauma response. I have a basic understanding of what was kind of happening but a lot of my memories and flashbacks just sort of cut out at a point and I know there is so much more I do not remember.

    Although I know that in so many ways this protects me - I really struggle with needing to feel in control, and not being able to control the memories of what happened really gets to me.

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    FlexibleVibingDuck2921 / Mar 06 2022 20.09

    i actually get this y’know but make sure u remember that what u have described here is actually a trauma response, so ur feelings are valid. it happens when ur faced with a traumatic event so bad that ur brain just kinda has to subconsciously block it as a form of proctection, usually it does this by dissociating, if u didnt know its like that feeling that u are disconnected from ur own body or feeling numb or out of place.


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