That Ain't Working

  1. Contemplator
    Flying-Lion / Jan 12 2022 18.31

    My heart is the only thing left of you

    That ain't working

    The only thing I see

    Is I tired of the same old things

    The only difference

    Is I hear the sound

    So I drive to the east side of your town

    Every road that leads nowhere

    A lonely shadow that never fades

    We're living as angels, we're never gonna die,

    We never sleep and we never worry,

    We never die,

    We never sleep and we never worry.

    And we can be sure, you know

    We'll soon be passing further, we're always on our way.

    And sometimes the wind blows

    Lately I feel much colder,

    Far beyond the call of passion

    Far beyond the emptiness of my heart.

    There's nothing left I feel as i sit and think


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