I’m done

  1. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Jan 10 2022 1.47

    How many issues can I have?

    Let’s find out, I guess.

    Nothing is diagnosed though

    because no one will listen

    as I’m just the perfect girl.

    It’s not like I was bullied

    from such a young age

    that I hid myself

    and only now do I realise who I really am.

    It’s not like I’ve been manipulated so many times

    that I

    simply can’t find a way to trust myself

    or anyone else.

    That being said I’ll still overshare.

    I let slip the voices in my head.

    Guess that’s what I’ll just hav eto deal with

    some regret

    and maybe some


    It’s not like I hate my chest

    seeing things that shouldn’t be there.

    My voice is too high

    and I can’t look like a guy.

    I also see things all the time.

    The world is full of static

    and shdow monsters

    and alien whale things.

    But I’ll just pretend that nothing’s there.

    Oh all these creatures

    hang around

    but they’ve been there so long

    I don’t even look twice anymore.

    Guess that’s not normal.

    Oh well.

    I’m done with hiding who I am.

    I’m done with pretending I’m so perfect,

    I’m done with hiding all my flaws.

    I’m done with all this pain insde,

    I’m done with all the crippling

    self doubt and anxiety.

    I’m done with all the visions

    both flashbacks and hulkucinations.

    I’m done with saying I’m okay

    when I jsut want to run away.

    I’m done with everything.

    But I guess I’ll struggle through another day.


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