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  1. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 24 2021 22.50

    Hi y’all. I’m Jamie, and I have a lot of stuff in my story. I have 40 main characters and major side characters, and that’s just one story. I have 2 other stories that I love that were originlly in that one story, but for reasons I gave them their own universes.

    This is just a thread where I can talk about my story and characters, and just ramble a bit.

    Btw this is most likely going to be very rambly lol, but oh well. If you have any questions about the plot, characters or writing in general I’ll be more than happy to answer.

    Enjoy this mess!


  2. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 24 2021 23.19

    So, I guess introductions are in order. First up is my main story, which doens’t have a name that covers the whole thing yet.

    The Shadow Guard 1.0

    So, this is the SG from the 90s and early 2000s. Their story is the prequel to a part of the main story. The characters are:

    Mia- (aka Shadow) The main character of this story. It’s about how she turns from a villain to a true hero. She can manipulate shadows (hence the alias Shadow), which is also why she was such a good theif.

    Henry- (aka Mimic) He ends up being Mia’s love interest. His ability is a type of shapeshifting, but he can’t fully transform into things. He basically just gains specific traits (eg cat ears, wings, gills etc). Yes I do make jokes about him being a furry, no it’s not technically canon.

    Sophia- (aka Guardian, although this may change). She’s a chaotic queen and I love her. She can make these energy speheres which she either throws at people and makes large enough to act as shields.

    Oliver- (aka Drake) Okay, so y’all know Dragonborn from Dungeons and Dragons? Yeah, he looks like one of those accept he has wings. He has red scales, and looks very intimidating, but he’s a sweetheart really. Him and Sophia end up marrying and having a kid and it’s very wholesome. I love this precious boy lol.

    Now onto the Shadow Guard 2.0

    Okay so this one is going to have a lot of characters and some sub sections as many of these characters have their own storylines and theri own side characters. This SG took their name from the original as two of their members are the kids of the original members, as another 2 were trained by Mia. They end up somehow saving the world, even though they have about 3 braincells between them.

  3. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 24 2021 23.30

    Kira- (aka Wildcard) She is one of the two ‘main characters’ of the story. What I mean by that is she’s one of the ones that actually cause the plot to happen and have the most to do with it. Kira is cocky, and is a raging bisexual, and I love her. She can shapeshift into any vertabrate animal. She’s technically been a superhero since she was 13, and eventually found out Mia was her Mum but Mia dies shortly after. The love of her life is Evie and they’re precious together.

    Evie- (aka Frostbite) Evie is such a cinnamon roll unless it’s summer. Her ability is cryokinesis (she can freeze stuff), which also means she’s very resistant to the cold, however the problem with that is she despises the heat, which also means her and the summer do not mix. She’s the emotional centre on the team, and they 100% would never have stayed a team if she wasn’t in it. Evie also has anxiety and a history of eating disorders (in the story I do plan on going into it, but I won’t on this thread, and if I do I will put trigger warnings). She’s also a lesbian.

    Charlie- (aka Glitch) Charlie is actually really smart, and is very good with computers, but that also means he’s pretty socially awkward. Charlie, Kira and Evie make up a chaotic trio and I love them. Charlie can ’talk’ to computers, as wlel as turn his body into electricity. He’s the one who makes the plans for the team.

    Flint- (aka Drake) Guess what! Flint is the son of Sophia and Oliver. He looks like his Dad, although he doesn’t have the wings. He’s very competetive, and he has 1 braincell, and it doens’t always work. Safe to say he’s the muscle of the group. He’s very compassionate though, and he tries his best. Also him and Kira have competitions a lot.

  4. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 24 2021 23.41

    Okay, here’s where things seperate a bit. Luna is part of the SG, but she has her own story so I’ll be putting those characters with her. I’ll be doing this for I think all the remaining characters.

    Luna- (aka Sorceress) Luna can use magic. She primarilly uses fire magic, but also uses some runes and knows a lottle Druid magic because of Willow. Her familiar is a black cat with purple eyes called Shadow. Technically Luna isn’t supposed to be a superhero, but due to the fact she basically exclusively uses her fire magic, it isn’t a threat to exposing magic to everyday people. She’s a skater girl.

    Willow- Willow is Luna’s best friend, and has been since they were kids. She has a curse that was placed on her family centuries ago that noone can find a cure to. It basically means she’ll eventually turn into a bloodthirsty monster. It also gives her other symptoms that means she has chronic pain, as well as a lot of nightmares. The curse is kinda alive, and talks to her and likes to torment her. She’s a very kind person, and does is very determined to find a cure for her and the rest of her family. She’s a Druid, meaning she is very in tune with nature and is incredibly skilled at healing and using runes.

    Billy- Billy is a Reaper, which means he uses blood magic, and no that is not as dark as it sounds. Blood magic refers to the magic that is tied to ghosts. Necromancy is a type of blood magic but it’s very illegal. The two types of blood magicians are Wardens (they guard the Library, but again, I’ll talk about that in another post) and Reapers. Reapers like Billy basically go around and help ghosts pass onto the afterlife. Billy is a very chilled out guy.

    Scott- Scott is Luna’s adopted brother. His familiar is a German Shepard with a red tail called Ember. He’s very…

  5. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 24 2021 23.51

    …chaotic. I don’t really have a lot to say about Scott, but I wanted to mention him.

    A quick thing before we continue, I can’t beleive I forgot to mention Charlie’s girlfriend! Her name is Amy and she met Charlie as they worked toegther at a game devolpment company. They worked pretty closely together and they became friends, and eventually lovers. Amy is disabled, and has an assistance dog (a golden labrodor) named Lucky. Charlie is very supportive, and is very willing to help her when he’s needed.

    Anyway, carrying on.

    Cole- (aka Mystery) Okay, Cole has a tragic backstory lol. It’s going to get it’s own post at somepoint so we’re not going to go into that now. He can make portals to get around, and can also manipulate the energy that come from the portals. He’s very sleep deprived, and has waaay too much coffee. He’s a marine biologist. Cole also has PTSD, and it actually stays with him through the whole stoyr because unlike what most tv shows and movies say, you don’t mirculously cure PTSD by getting a girlfriend and talking to her once, and having like 1 therapy session.

    Annie- Annie is Cole’s girlfriend, and she’s known Cole for a very long time. She’s suprisingly supprtive of his superhero work, but to be fair it does give her something to do on the weekends.

    Hayley- Hayley is Cole’s coworker and other than Annie she’s his only friend. She chaotic, and very sweet, and I love her.

  6. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 26 2021 21.04

    Zack- (aka Lustre) Zack is my precious boy and his story is so tragic but it’s fine. At the strat of the story he’s 17 and as been a sidekick to the hero Blaze for around a year. Zack has the ability to manipulate how light interacts with his body, so he can make himself glow or turn invisible. His parents are super rich, and have no clue how to deal with his ADHD. Zack is very much gay, and he has his boyfriend Finn and his best friend is Amelia and I love them so much.

    Finn- Finn is Zack’s boyfriend and is 100% his impulse control. Finn is autsitic, and is super good at sewing. Zack makes the designs and Finn makes them.

    Amelia- Okay so at the begining of the story she’s called Andy but she‘s a trans woman and figures that out and she comes out to Zack and Finn and their first reaction is make her a really fancy dress and it’s adorable. Amelia is very smart and is really good at physcis (I have no idea how she ends up living with Finn and Zack but they are). I don’t care that this is technically spoilers, I love Amelia so much.

    Henry- Yes I have 2 Henry’s in this story, no he is not Kira’s Dad. He’s Zack’s older brother and always maanged to help him with his ADHD and also his powers. During most of the story he’s in the army.

    Blaze- He doens’t even have an actual civilian name lol. Anyway, if you look on the right threads you’ll know why I don’t want to talk about Blaze, but I’m not going to say those reasons because technically speaking they’re s p o i l e r s. He has fire powers, and all you need to know is he’s not entirely who he says he is and he’s a father figure to Zack.

  7. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 26 2021 21.52

    Gray- (aka Blur) He’s one of my few characters who are actually sensible. He’s an engineer, and he works with Nate, Ava and Caden. He gets super speed through something that happens at the start of the story. He has a greyhound called Mellow, and he loves that dog so much.

    Quinn- (aka Alacrity) I can’t say how Quinn gets powers because that’s just S P O I L E R S. Anyway, Quinn is so chaotic and they’re a swimmer and they never do anything with a plan. They’re nb and they have such floofy hair and I love them.

    Nate- Nate is Gray’s best friend and is such a shipper it’s funny. He’s also an engineer. Ava is his younger sister and he’s a protective older brother.

    Ava- As said Ava is Nate’s younger sister. She’s a chemist/physisist. They’re autistic and a demigirl and she doens’t label her sexuality.

    Caden- He’s Ava’s best friend. He’s also a chemist/physiesist (how the heck do you spell that lol). I feel the need to point out Caden, Ava and Caden are all chaotic and Gray is the single reason they haven’t managed to make something that would wipe out the human race.

    From here on out are the characters further down the timeline.

    Maddie- (aka Chaos) Maddie starts off as a villain. She can teleport but only if she can see the place, and she has an energy based power as well. She’s a lesbian, and I love her.

    Chris- (aka Crystal) Chris is a girl. and has the power to make these blue crystal things. Do not ask how nobody figures out who she is because of her name, I honestly don’t know lol. This part is totally not enemies to lovers. Chris is a lesbian but is so far in denial. She becomes friends with Zack as well.

  8. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 26 2021 22.01

    So these next 4 are called the Misfits, they’re the kids of some supervillains (Btw Alec is not related to Blaze, I have mor ethan one villain with fire powers). I won’t be saying who their parents are for spoiler reasons, but I love these 4 so much so I’m talking about them.

    Alec- He has fire powers, and he’s such an edgelord and I love him. He’s super into bands like Green Day and aims to become a singer and he’s actually really good.

    Cody- Cody is my trans boy and he’s amazing. He has telepathy, but his eyes turn completely black when he uses it so he has to be careful people don’t see him. He gets kicked out of his house for being trans. He’s also super good at stage/street magic, and I find that funny.

    Delilah- This girl doens’t deserve anything I put her through. Okay, so Delilah can control metal, her family sucks, and she has really bad depression.

    Heather- HEATHER IS TOO PURE FOR THIS STORY. She’s so precious because she’s just so kind even though her parents were terrible and she cares so much for the others in the team and she gets so worried about being a burden because she’s completely deaf. Her power is basically the canary cry from DC Comics. The whole team end up learning sign language so they can talk with her and it’s so sweet.

  9. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 26 2021 22.10

    Okay, that’s all for the superhero part. Now onto the space part. This does take place in the same universe as the superhero stuff.

    Some background real quick. The Galactic Core are basically a whole bunch of species that have joined toegtehr to make an organisation similar to Star Fleet from Star Trek. They’re in the middle of a war with the Abraxan Empire, who take over planets and enslave the whole population and all their soldiers end up in the hivemind of the Abraxan species.

    If you want to learn more about my alien species I have a thread called “My alien species” that you can check out.

    Ria- Ria is a Lomaran. She’s royalty (best word to describe it). She was raised to be a military leader (her sister, Alisa was the diplomatic leader but I’ll get inyo that later). She’s like 4’5, but everyone is terrified of her because she’s a really formibable fighter. She has a huge scar over her right eye and is also blind in that eye because of tragic backstory reasons. Her entire planet was taken over by the Abraxans, so there are only a few thousand of her species that managed to avoid being enslaved, Ria and her sister being among them. Her brother, parents and mentor were all killed. She hates the Abraxans so much. I’m going to stop there before I spoil her whole story lol.

  10. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 26 2021 22.55

    How did I not mention Ria is the Captain of the Starfinder? Woops.

    Alisa- Ali is so sweet and she’s such a good older sister. She was raised to be the leader on her planet that looks after the people’s needs and stuff like that, but as stated in Ria’s thing their homeowlrd gets taken over by the Abraxans. Alisa works to make sure her remaining people are safe as well as making sure refugees from other planets are safe and looked after.

    Eryn- Eryn is a chaotic pilot and I love her. She’s a Cotoran, and learn’t to fly in the mines of her homeworld. She joined the Galactic Core Academy with her on of her brothers, Zeris. She’s the closest to Ria other than Alisa, and does her best to support Ria because Ria is very traumatised.

    Zeris- He’s a great shot, and is the weapons guy, but he should never be allowed near explosives because he will accidently blow it up. Zeris is equally chaotic as his sister, but is a dumba*s. I love him but that doens’t mean he’s smart.

    Kyla- Kyla is a Kodrisek. They are the doctor on the Starfinder, and also help Ria out as a sort of therapist. They may be incredibly socially awkward but they weirdly enough make a good therapist.

  11. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Nov 26 2021 23.24

    Now we move onto my other 2 stories. This one is the British Supernatural Investiagtions Agency (BSIA), which really needs a new title but for now it’s still called the BSIA.

    So this takes place in a world where monsters exist. Monsters are basically anyone who isn’t human or a demon, so werewolves, vampires, faeries etc. Demons are beings from another dimension that come through and try and kill things (often humans). Humans can’t normally see mosnters other than in specific circumstances. Anyway, on with the characters.

    Myra- Myra is exmilitary and a werewolf pack leader. She’s smart and strong willed, and she really hates Danny. She doesn’t joke around a lot with anyone other than her brothers and occasionally Maggie. She’s not afraid to call people out and is very well respected among werewolves.

    Luke- Luke is Myra’s biological brother. He’s Maggie’s fiance, and they are very wholesome. Luke is a cinamon roll and he‘s so sweet and nice to everyone. He’s Myra’s second in command in the pack though, because when push comes to shove he will stand up for himself and he’s like twice the size of everyone else so you want him to be on your side in a fight.

    Maggie- She is so pure and innocent and is a ray of sunshine and she does nothing wrong in this whole story and I love her. She’s half fairy, is a healer and makes plants grow. She is very in love with Luke and they’re so cute together.

    Jay- Jay is a human who for m y s t e r i o u s p l o t r e a s o n s can see monsters. He’s bit of a nerd (he is a history teacher), but is very good with a sword. His best friend is Danny, and he has a huge crush on Asami, but he totally hides it well. He has the sword Excalibur as well.


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