Informational post about abrosexuality and being abroromantic

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    Worm-On-A-String / Nov 03 2021 16.14

    Hi, I'm Quincey and I'm abrosexual and abroromantic.

    It means my sexuality (homosexual, bisexual, ect) is fluid and so is my romantic attraction (homoromantic, biromantic, ect)

    Some people think abrosexuals are just questioning, however, we're not because our whole attraction changes. I'll be gay one week and the next I might be bi.

    Similarly, people think we're just pan but this is not the case as sometimes abro people are aroace.

    The way I'd deal with not feeling attracted to my other half is by making an agreement with them that we'd hang out like we were friends while I wasn't attracted to their gender.

    Any questions are welcome :)



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