broken friendship group

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    Tebbie / Oct 25 2021 18.05

    hey, so i used to have this really awesome group of friends. there were four of us and we all got along really well. we used to hang out a lot and were always together at school. however last year we started to have arguments but only with this 1 girl in the group, im not going into detail but she has some weird opinions and overall isnt a good person. someone else in the group stopped hanging out with us and now she basically ignores us. my other friend is more friends with other people and online friends. i really miss having one big group and idk it just really sucks. any advice?

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    ShinyJumpingBadger8911 / Oct 28 2021 21.19

    A similar thing happened to me. We used to have a really big friend group of about 8 people which was nice because there was always someone to talk to and go with you to the toilet or canteen or whatever, and now theres only 4 of us, two of them are really good friends and are always together and always seem to have their own jokes, the other one has so many other friends around the school so she always goes off to talk to other people. I miss having a big friend group too, your not alone :)


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