My friend is being ghosted 😢

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    DisneyFan2008 / Oct 20 2021 17.58

    Hi, I need some advice to help me support my friend Rebbeckah.

    Okay so basically Rebbeckah (Year 10) and I (Year 9) have been best friends for a long time. Obviously since she is a year older than me we each have our own friendship groups within our own yeargroup. She is quite popular and has about 4 or 5 friends that she usually hangs around with at break and lunch, especially one particular friend called Ella.

    Rebbeckah and Ella have such a good friendship with each other and they get on really well. But today Rebbeckah told me that Ella and the rest of her friendship group didn't wait for her at lunch and left without her and have been almost ghosting her all day.

    Rebbeckah texted Ella to ask if she'd done anything to upset her or the others and a while later we saw that Ella had seen the message, but not replied. She then replied to Rebbeckah about half an hour later saying that she had only just seen the message, which we know is a lie.

    Rebbeckah is really upset that her friends are acting this way towards her, especially Ella whom she has a great friendship with. She's scared that Ella won't want to be her friend anymore.

    Does anyone know how I can support Rebbeckah and give her advice?


    Rachel x


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