i think i was raped?

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    Temporary56982771 / Oct 19 2021 23.36

    hi, i think i was raped when i was a child but im not sure? i know that i've been sexually abused by one of my older cousins when i was a kid, but i've recently realised that one of my uncles was sexually abusing me too and i've been trying to piece things together because my memory is horrifically bad-- i remember this one night in 2012 when i was 6 or 7 that he(my uncle) had gotten me to drink a lot of wine and so i understand the big memory blank there, but combined with knowing he would previously be creepy towards me & has previously sa'd me, and the fact that i remember getting either rashes or just general itchiness/irritation (one of them, it's a very blurry memory) around my genitals, i think in that period of time after the wine he had raped me? every time i try to think about it or try to remember i get a feeling of un-attaching from the lower part of my body (like dissociation) but i'm not sure and just needed someone else's opinion on this... thank you if anyone responds!


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