what can the police do?

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    SkyDemon / Oct 17 2021 23.09


    So my mom's boyfriend sexually abused me for about 6 months or so, it started on the 28th September 2019, i know specific XD. he stoppped like feb last year or somthing, is there any point in telling the police. Btw i was 14 and no my mom doesn't know, and i still live with him.

    How would i proove it to the police if he never raped me and what would happen after i tell them? What would happen if i spoke to the doctor would they tell anyone?



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    PowerfulPosingGoat6498 / Nov 09 2021 21.48

    I am sorry that this happened to u and i cant answer what would happen in relation to the police but i would advise you to contact childline through phone r email as they could give you better advise. I would encourage you to speak to your mum about what has happened. He is still living with you and it is important that you are safe as well as able to process and cope with what has happened to you. If you told a doctor they wou?d mlst likely be obligated to tell someone for your safety. I am not sure who this would be but itmight be your mum and the police. I would strong!y encourage you to tell someone what hapened to you.


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