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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Oct 10 2021 22.16

    Hi y’all. So, I’m writing on another thread with a small adventure with this character, however I wanted to do a more wholesome thing with my star wars oc, so I’m writing this.

    Ceran Ormara is a Twi’lek who lived in the Cruscant Jedi Temple since he was 3. This story takes place during an annual Apprentice Tournament, where Ceran hopes to be able to catch the eye of a Jedi Knight or Master and become a padawan.

    So, I hope you enjoy!


  2. Wallflower
    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Oct 10 2021 23.13

    Ceran was nervous. This was his second tournament. He’d been beaten in the third round the year before. He wanted to do better, but what he really wanted was to become a Padawan. Maybe someone would notice him this time. “You coming Ceran?” Ari‘ka waved at him. Ari’ka was a male human with pale skin and bright blue eyes who was an Initiate, just like Ceran. “Yeah.” He got up and wondered over.


    ”A little.”

    ”You’ll be fine! You’re really strong with the Force and stuff!”

    ”Thank you. You’ll do better than me though I’m sure.”

    ”No way! I lost in the first round last time! To be honest I think I’m going to end up in the Agricorps.”

    ”Well that’s not a bad thing.”

    ”I know!” Ari’ka grinned at him. “As long as I can still help people out honestly I don’t mind!” Ceran admired Ari’ka. He was content no matter what the outcome was. They reached the Combat Training Chamber, which is where the tournament was taking place. “Ari’ka?”


    ”Good luck.”

    ”You too Ceran!” The pair walked in. Not everyone had arrived. Ceran knew a few Initiates weren’t there yet. Just like the year before, there were many Jedi Knights and Masters gathering. There were so many different species, a few of which Ceran had only read about. He collected a training lightsaber and sat down. He wanted to meditate a bit before he had to fight.


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