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    PokeTrainerTiger / Oct 10 2021 17.54

    I literally just came up with this and it is so idiotic in my head so I'd better write it down.

    I think I can commit to this because it is going to be a small story but who knows.

    This is a Minecraft based story- it wasnt in my head but it makes the most sense.


    We start with a female player. After a long day of building she retreats to her humble abode and deposits her junk in the chest on the right hand side, then changes the fish's pose on the item frame, making it point to the ender chest. When everything was satisfactory, she left.

    The chest started coughing as soon as she left.

    "Cough cough".

    "Aw no. Please tell me you don't have that chesty cough again." Ender chest said.

    "Don't think so. She put some string in me and it tickles my hinge". Chest replied.

    "Aw. Sad she would just dump some old string in you." Ender chest jeered.

    The fish awoke and started spinning. "Here we go again."

    "I am a wooden chest. That is what I am for" Chest began.

    "Well, I guess you are kind of a chest and a bin, since she dumps all her junk in you every day. Meanwhile, I get to store all her precious materials." Ender chest boasted.

    "Oh yeah, when was the last time she even opened you?" Chest asked.

    "When she took out the diamonds to make her precious sword."

    "But that was weeks ago! She opens me every single day."

    "She wears underwear every day- that doesn't make them special." Ender chest complained.

    "Look. I know you think you're the chest queen, but face it- your like a fancy ordiment- a desktop collector. I am an always functioning, useful partner"

    The ender chest did her best to not laugh. "Partner?" She scoffed. "You and our master trying to survive. You're just a place to empty her pockets with anything that isn't important to carry"

    (Continue later out of letters)

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    BrightYawningRaven5320 / Nov 04 2021 15.39

    gooooooooood joooooooooobbb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its actualy really good and funny


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