1. Childline Avatar
    dizzydinosaur / Oct 02 2021 19.15

    I got sectioned under the mental health act yesterday for anorexia and I’m already going crazy. What do I do? Has anyone else been in this situation? I’m happy to answer any questions S

  2. Fixer
    StrawberryOverlord / Oct 03 2021 15.24

    Do you know if you can choose to be sectioned? I'm serious struggling with my anorexia and i know i need to be in hospital. Can you just turn up and explain that at the hospital or do you need to prebook?

  3. Childline Avatar
    dizzydinosaur / Oct 04 2021 7.12

    You can’t choose to be sectioned because being sectioned is something that happens when you don’t comply with treatment. But you can choose to get help. GPs, schools CAMHS and hospitals are all good places to get help. If you want to know ask and I’ll try answer S


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