School sucks.

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    GracefulSurfingZebra7390 / Sep 27 2021 23.48

    The education system is messed up-

    It ruins our mental health it really sucks how i can't go into school without that anxiety feeling and crying for an hour the night before.

    we're in school to learn not be judged by people our own age because we're “too quiet" or “weird".

    also the teachers are a big problem not just the students half of them can bearly teach and the ones who are halfway decent call on you to answer a question every few minutes- I can bearly focus in class because I'm in fear of being picked on by the teacher to talk.

    and the way they are so strict with uniform i don't mind uniform i think its good we have uniform but their rules are so strict if your skirt is too long tou get bullied for it by other students, if your ahirt is untucked (which btw they untuck while you're walking) you get a tick on your uniform card. a warning is just fine but these things my school have uniform cards you can get a detention for your uniform so easily and then theres teachers talking about the freedom of expression.

    and gcses will be coming up for me soon and the oral exams are just so stressful i get they want to test our skills but i would prefer just doing written exams it'd make me and people like me who are too scared to speak up abkut anything much more relieved and be able to focus on the important exams.

    I'm trying to sleep but i can't because evwrytime i roll over the stress of school keeps coming to mind and tears keep rolling down my face.

    and the school counselor i admire her so much for how she can talk so much and not run out of anything to say!? I can't even keep a short term conversation going, the only problem is i can't really talk to her much. I'd benifit from seeing a counselor out of school.

    thankyou for listening to me rant stay safe guys <33


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