Getting Bullied At School And After School (Potential Trigger Warning)

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    TheLonelyGirlXOX / Sep 27 2021 20.10

    Hey guys,

    I've been getting bullied since I was 5, but now, it's getting worse and worse, to the point where I'm scared to come to school. These last few weeks have been the worse. I get bullied in PE because I am not as good as everyone else, Breaktimes and lunchtimes, people always pick on me and make me feel like I am not excepted, in lessons because I always finish my work first and put my hand up at formtime, and before school. But now, it's even started after school. People follow me home, and catcall me. But today, I was sitting with my sister on Snapchat, making my Bitmoji, and 2 girls came and sat on the bench by us. They were girls who always bullied me. 5 minutes before, one of them said "Look, there's my girlfriend! She's a skank!" We ignored them and carried on. But then, they sat back beside me. I was speaking to my sister, and they started mimicking my voice. Then, our bus came, so I said "Let's go!" and they mimicked me and recorded me. My sister heard and had a right go at them, and I heard them whisper "We'll get her tomorrow, without her sister around!" All this bullying I get at school causes me to self-harm, get thoughts of endng my life and struggle with anorexia.

    I'm super scared. What do I do?

    - Taylor xx :(

  2. Childline Avatar
    PowerfulCookingEagle1274 / Sep 28 2021 8.05

    Hi. I am really sorry to hear that and the bullying that you have been subjected to should never happen to anyone. I would talk to teachers privately and your parents about it because this is horrible.

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    bigbigbig3600 / Sep 29 2021 18.44

    this may not help, but ask to move schools, or at the very least report them to the headmaster and depending on how bad it is too the police.

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    ShinySkiingRhino9271 / Oct 12 2021 7.41

    Hello there.

    Sorry to hear what you're going through. It sucks. I reccomend you talk to a teacher or a trusted adult you feel comfortable talking to. If possible on social media you can change you're privacy settings to where only friends can message you?

    it sucks you're suffering through that. But keep strong!

    You can always chat to childine also about how you're feeling. i recommend tell you're school and you're parents.

    wish you luck!

    Amelia ~


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