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    LivelyTurningDeer2177 / Sep 27 2021 18.49

    i dont really know if this counts as abuse but it does‘nt feel right. i live with my mum and younger brother. my brother always tells me to go kill myself, slut shames me and body shames me as well as calling me slurs and getting quite aggressive and violent. my mum usually just sits there and laughs and this happens but becomes angry when i try and defend myself and share my feelings on things like this. another thing is she does things that i find really uncomfortable on purpose to get a reaction out of me so she can paint me out to be this really problematic person.

    at this point i just want to leave but dont have enough money or anywhere to go and feel like im just being dramatic to think this way.

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    BuddyBooToYou / Oct 01 2021 19.37

    Hi. It is NOT ok for you to be treated like this, for anybody to be treated like this. Home should be a place which you love and makes you feel safe. I'm sorry that you haven't experienced it like that and want to move out. Its good that your talking about this, it really helps to share how you feel. You can always talk to people on the message boards, talk to a counsellor, or email them. I hope that this stops soon.

    My advice is try your best to not let them get to you. Its much easier said than done.

    Try to distract yourself. I love reading when I need a distraction from things. You could listen to music or try a new hobby. I like to be creative sometimes. You could draw with the art box, or on paper. I like doing origami and calligraphy. I hope these help you out. Finding something to distract yourself can really calm you down.

    Feel free to talk about how you feel.

    Stay strong. Buddy


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