Just need someone to talk to! #adhd

  1. Coolcat
    RonCatWeasley / Sep 27 2021 6.48


    I am a 12 year old girl and I struggle. Me and my mum think I have adhd even though it took a long to time to convince her. The school is going to call soon to see if they cna help me but i feel a bit lonley. Anyone also like this want to be my friend?

  2. Outcast
    BusyCatchingPuffin7252 / Oct 02 2021 7.31

    Hi RonCatWeasley,

    I’m in year 8 so around the same age as you I think and I also think I have ADHD. My aunty got diagnosed last year and I am very similiar to her so my mum brought up getting me tested but I think were going to pay to bc going public can take up until im 18. I will be ur friend!

    From not decided on a name yet


  3. Coolcat
    RonCatWeasley / Oct 14 2021 16.27

    Thanks i have really bad sensory problems do you too?


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