Covid and stress at school

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    YouAreLoved123 / Sep 26 2021 7.30

    I recently started year 8 at my school, and what i find really annoying is that we are expected to be role models, and set examples for the year sevens, because it's all "OhHhH tHeYrE mIsSiNg OuT oN sO mUcH, tHeY dIdNt GeT a NoRmAl EnD oF yEaR sIx!" We didn't either! we didn't even get a normal year seven, and we were told off for not knowing what assembly is like when there's only been virtual ones for us, and things like going into the library, We didnt even get our resource cards until the last week of yr7, but they have them already! As well as that, each class was meant to bake a cake for th school birthday. I was doing it for my form then I got news that one of my close friends tested positive for covid. Guess what? Im positive too! So now all the special ingredients and decorations that we spent loads of money on will go to waste and I won't have anything to show for it. Can someone help me please?


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