I Am Sick Of My Abusive Grandad

  1. Fixer
    TheLonelyGirlXOX / Sep 25 2021 20.34

    Hey guys,

    Back in February, my mum and her boyfriend split up, so we had nowhere to go, so my nan took us in. She lives with my uncle and my grandad, her boyfriend. At first, he didn't mind us living there, but as it got longer and longer, he started being increderbly hateful to us, especially to me and my mum. It didn't start off as much, just calling me and my mum boneidle, and making us do all the chores, but then it got to the point where he called us both names, and keeps threatening to kick us out. He never did this to my sister, because he favoured her. But yesterday, my little brother was staying around, and my grandad wanted to hold him, but my mum said no because he was tired. So, he started having a right go at her and shoved her out of the door. My sister was upstairs, and didn't see what was going on, but I witnessed the whole thing. I started crying and he called me a baby, saying that I deserved to get bullied at school and to f***ing grow up. He then told me to clean the whole house. My uncle came home at that exact moment and started shouting at him, telling him to keave me alone. I went upstairs and self-harmed, and I came down, and my uncle said "She's not safe anywhere, you're adding onto her pain! Look at what she did!" He's right, I don't have a safeplace. :(

    - Taylor xx

  2. Contemplator
    BuddyBooToYou / Oct 01 2021 19.43

    Hello. I'm Buddy and just want you to know that Childline is a safe place for you to talk about how you feel, just like you did here, It takes courage to post about these things. I hope you feel better soon. I'm glad that at least your uncle tried to defend you. I hope you feel better soon. I suggest talking to the counsellors, they are really understanding.



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