abuse and want to go to a care home for abreak

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    LivelySkatingRobin7462 / Sep 25 2021 19.26

    my dsd grabed by the neck and threatond me to get hit and i get shouted at for no reason i need a brake from my nana or ill do something bad

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    PowerfulRunningBee9126 / Sep 26 2021 21.32


    your dad grabbing your neck is physical abuse and threatening you is emotional abuse.

    it is never okay and never fault. it is very understandable for you to want to go somewhere else where you feel safe, like you deserve.

    luckily, there are steps that you can take to get help.

    Talk to an adult, such as a teacher, and ask them to call social services (they should do this regardless of whether you ask to or not, judging by the situation that you just described, but still ask them just in case.) you can also ask someone from childline to or you could call them yourself. You should then have access to a social worker whom you can discuss your feelings to. tell them that you wish to be removed from your home.

    childline provides more information on foster care. you can also speak to counsellors about your feelings.

    remember, if you are ever in immediate danger do not hesitate to call 999. your safety is extremely important.

    there are countless people out there willing to help you get the support that you need.

    you are extremely brave for speaking out about this, i really do hope that you get the support and love that you deserve :)

    best wishes-



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